Leader of LAFD Application [Ronald Veexospelt]

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Leader of LAFD Application [Ronald Veexospelt]

Post by Ronald_Veexospelt on Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:37 pm

Nama IG: Ronald Veexospelt
Nama IRL: Adhy Pratama
Tempat Tinggal IRL: D.I.Yogyakarta
Link FB: Don't have.
Level IG: Now, let's say it's 2.
Jam Bermain: 5-6 hours for this server
Umur IRL: 17
E-mail: kuncoro_AP77@yahoo.co.id
PIN BBM/No.HP IRL: No.HP: 085742156989
Faction yang ingin anda urus/ketuai: LAFD
Mengapa anda ingin menjadi leader faction tersebut?(200 kata):
Well, actually I got so much reason why I wanna be the leader of this faction. But yeah, I can tell you some. I'm here to training and practicing my wisdom and sense of my responsibility as chief here. And also, helping others tho' when there's someone in need. I'd like to gladly help them with all of my best struggles, nonstop and for them I won't give up at once. And because also I got a lot of knowledge from my university as well as a university which seems highly regarded by people around since I graduated from there, so yeah it seems also I have to teach some of my efficacious science in medicine for the next generation as my subordinates later.
Mengapa kita harus menerima anda dibanding yang lain?(150 kata):
Because... I think I felt more worthy because in the case of a high RP also sufficient medical knowledge to help all people in need.
I doubt that if this one reason isn't worth it. Cause 1 reason of this one is rightfully what I think why I am so deserver than others.
Apa yang anda lakukan untuk membuat faction ini menjadi yang terbaik?(150 kata):
Well, I think i'll do all my best to improve the employee in advance with the election which is very tight and hand picked by me as well as through a very severe test and complicated, because that requires hard work and a lot of experience before attending our faction.
Will post more reason since this one doesn't reach that worth with the limited words required. But, I think this my simple reason is enough to evoke this fraction to be more advanced can I pour everything into In-Game.
Apakah anda mempunyai google docs/drive?: Will have it so soon.
Apakah anda sanggup membuat handbook di Google Docs/Drive?: Absolutely able tho'
Berapa Skill Roleplay anda?: (1-10) (Jangan berbohong karena anda akan di Test IG) 10 skill levels of RP.
Apakah anda mempunyai TS3? I do have it.

Dengan meng-submit formulir ini. Saya, Ronald Veexospelt menyetujui Syarat & Ketentuan yang dibuat oleh A:ML

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